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VESC FW6 beta with new observer: t-motor U15

This is the VESC 100/250 with the T-motor U15 using firmware 6.0 beta 49 and the new mxlemming-observer together with a new flux linkage tracker. No need to adjust the observer gain any more as the mxlemming-observer does not depend on it. I still had to tweak the inductance a bit when pushing the motor this much as well as decrease the current controller time constant.
David Molony : I would like to say, this made me very happy, crossing my fingers for further testing :) Cheers Benjamin!
Luigis Design : Hey Benjamin, I can help you with the transition to FW region, usually industrial controllers like sevcon uses 3 PI, one for Iq, other for Id, and the last one of is to control the modulation index(FW gains) And there is another parameter that limits the max mod index where above that point, start to work the Id FW.
Иван Кравченко : Thank you Benjamin! Just in time. I am tuning 75/300 for the 10 kW engine right now.
Calvin Hall : Great stuff Benjamin , My Trampa Vesc 100/250 turned up this week so really hoping these new updates when released will allow me to run my MAD C50 34Kv 64 magnet pole motor for testing .. excellent work as always so thanks for these Updates and ace product , selfish thought but if this Vesc Can Handle the Mad Motor im guessing a lot of experimenters will beat a path to this controller as bang for bucks this one would be top of the pile :-)
Abdelilah Dahhak : Thank you so much, you are helping us to understand the new features!

KV-1015-C Using BizCard 6

The Panasonic KV-S1015C scanner is the quick and easy way to transform your paper documents to high-quality digital files, allowing you to manage, send or upload them to the cloud with just the touch of a button.

How to Configure a NetCommander 1U Cat5 Rack-Mount KVM Switch

This 10-minute tutorial gives a detailed overview of the steps for configuring a 1U Cat5 rack-mount KVM switch for server racks.

For more information, visit: https://www.tripplite.com/main/search?q=netcommander




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