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Oi Oi

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Daithi Keane : whos listening to this tune in 2020
hannah Xoxox : This tune will never get old
Grace♡ : I be blastin this on my headphones while sippin me tea ☕
Rebecca Corcoran : I don't know how i only found this five years later but this is unreallll
i am tired of earth. these people. : "Those aren't mushrooms, silly!"

Cockney Rejects Oi Oi Oi

Gordon ashley : This song reminds me of the love and affection of a family picnic in a lovely flower filled meadow. The gentle breeze wafting across our happy faces as grandma dishes out another portion of her legendary bread and butter pudding as we sit and tell merry tales of life growing up in the middle class suburbs, and how we all laughed at uncle freds stories of stealing bread from the bakers right under the nose of the local bobby pc witherspoon who turned a blind eye because he knew fred and the guys were just naughty rascals who would see the error of their ways when they were older and wiser
Kresimir Kirasic : I need this in 2021 more than air.
Zachary Van Poucke : Up the punks! Up the working class!
Oi oi oi! from chicago.
shian : I wish those lads were here now... We need em.
Fitri Rosli : Where have all the skinheads gone? This scene is about a real life in this world!

Don Omar - Danza Kuduro ft. Lucenzo

Best of Don Omar / Lo mejor de Don Omar: https://goo.gl/J5mJHa
Subscribe here: https://goo.gl/aHzXZf

Music video by Don Omar performing Danza Kuduro. (C) 2010 Machete Music

#DonOmar #DanzaKuduro #Remastered #Lucenzo
LoonaVanza : Be honest guys, this was not in recommendations we searched for it.
Deep Legacy. : los que la escucharon cuando eran chiquitos y la escuchan por nostalgia

Peace Prototype : One of the greatest party songs ever made! 12 years later still sounds like new.
rainbow : que visionario don omar, este tema no pasara de moda jamas
ANDRES MEJIA : 2022 y se siente esa energía, como si fuera el primer día tenia apenas 11 años




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