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This time round.. we went to Fragrance Hotel for a staycation OMG! Let us know what you think and watch to find out more!

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Mariam : Can u do a Q&A while you're in the hotels that you guys are exploring? I think it would be fun~
Maria Carter : When Covid-19 is over and its safe to travel again, if you'll happen to be in Japan try a hotel video for one of those crazy-themed love hotels
AlyssaSG : Should do 24 hour challenge at the best rated hotel in Singapore
TaurusBoy8073 : Lol ~~~ Randy's reaction over Ben's exercise joke cracked me up
Xavier : Review MBS hotel! I want to see if you all can find any stains there lol

Fragrance Hotel Singapore | Viva #fragrancehotelsingapore #fragrancehotelviva #singaporebudgethotel

Fragrance Hotel Singapore | Viva #fragrancehotelsingapore #fragrancehotelviva #singaporebudgethotel #singaporehotelreview
#fragrancehotelsingaporereview #fragrancehotelsingaporeviva
Ulu Walker : A nice and clean hotel room.
Budak Jongos : Nice hotel
Kevin Rey : Nice sekali kamar nya kak
冯磊 : Very good hotel
Slot Galery : Hotel mewah...
Maklum orang desa ga pernah nginep di hotel...

GPHL Corporate Video - A journey on Fragrance Hotel and Parc Sovereign Hotel

Global Premium Hotels Limited (GPHL) operates one of Singapore's largest chains of hotels with 23 hotels, of which 21 are Fragrance Hotel brand and 2 under Parc Sovereign Hotel brand. We provide economy-tier and mid-tier class of accommodation with over 1,900 rooms in Singapore.

Enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Our contemporary styled rooms exude timeless elegance and modern comfort, providing quality and affordable accommodation. Most of our hotels are strategically located in the city or city-fringe areas and easily accessible to major attractions in Singapore. Our hotel staffs are committed to providing exceptional service to our hotel guests that makes every stay in the hotel a holiday destination.

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ひきこもり。孤独な死。高橋正臣。Masaomi Eric Takahashi. : Fragrance Hotel Joo Chiat Review!!!
To: Whom It May Concern,

Trying to reserve a night with them, is similar to trying to strike a lottery!
Extremely patronising & condescending services from the front reception now! Indeed Familiarity bridges contempt!!
Front reception staffs halted their warmth welcome and became uninvitingly hostile!!!
Entire hotel every night of the week, without fail; is infested with bus loads of rowdy, uncivilised, uncultured and uncouth Chinese Mobs from China! They check in at all hours of the night and would ceaselessly screech like Hyenas in heat outside their rooms, banging doors and scratching the chairs in their rooms! They literally contaminated the quest for a blissful night’s sleep!
The once beautiful boutique hotel is now reduced to an abhorrent pungent and putrid fish market!!!





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